Safety Online

Below are some tips that are important to remember when chatting to someone online, sharing information or for if you decide to actually meet up with them.


  • Don’t believe everything you read online. The Internet lets people describe themselves but that can be incorrect, incomplete or totally false.

  • Take your time, don’t rush into things. Review information that they share with you to check for inconsistencies.

  • Start with a phone call before meeting someone in person. If you do exchange personal phone numbers, make sure to use caller ID.

  • When you do meet, do it with a friend and in a very public place, such as a mall or restaurant.

  • If after you have met them in a public place a number of times you decide to meet them alone, then make sure you tell someone where your going and what time that you will be back.

  • Don’t be embarrassed to insist on following the rules. If the person cares about you, they will want to respect you for being careful. Your safety is the most important thing.